Courses Offered

Nurse assisting the old man

At, we have an excellent live program that trains unlicensed individuals in the requirements of Florida Laws for “Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication” as required by 429.256 and 429.52 F.S., and medication practices as required by Rules 58A-5.0185 and 58A-5.0191,F.A.C.

Our training program covers all you need to know about assistance with self-administration of medication in an ALF.

Upon completion of the training program, caregivers will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Read and understand a prescription label.
  2. Provide assistance with oral medication.
  3. Measure liquid solutions and suspensions (shake well), break scored tablets, and crush tablets as directed by prescription order.
  4. Provide assistance with topical forms of medication for the skin, eye, ear, and nose, including creams, lotions, ointments, patches, ophthalmic drops and ointments, otic solutions and suspensions, and nasal drops, sprays, inhalers, and diskus dosage forms.
  5. Complete a Medication Observation Record (MOR) in paper or electronic form.
  6. Retrieve, store, and dispose of medication properly.
  7. Recognize the need to clarify “as needed” medication orders.
  8. Recognize a medication order which requires judgement and advise the resident, resident’s health care provider, or facility employer of the unlicensed caregiver’s inability to assist in the administration of such orders.
  9. Recognize the general side effects of medications and classes of drugs and the need to report adverse drug events (ADEs). Pharmacology introduction included.
  10. Develop and understand the types of questions to ask a health care provider (HCP) regarding a resident’s medications.
  11. Promote medication error reduction, reporting, and safety in ALFs.
  12. Promote timely adverse drug event (ADE) reporting in ALFs.

429.256(g) through 429.256(m)

This update gives you the training you need to be up to date and is included in the initial 6-hour course as well. Get hands-on training with the following and be ready to serve your patients:

  1. Assisting with the use of a nebulizer, including removing the cap of a nebulizer, opening the unit dose of nebulizer solution, and pouring the prescribed pre-measured dose of medication into the dispensing cup of the nebulizer.
  2. Using a glucometer to perform blood-glucose level checks.
  3. Assisting with putting on and taking off anti-embolism stockings.
  4. Assisting with applying and removing an oxygen cannula but not with titrating the prescribed oxygen settings.
  5. Assisting with the use of a continuous positive airway pressure device but not with titrating the prescribed setting of the device.
  6. Assisting with measuring vital signs.
  7. Assisting with colostomy bags.

Upon completion of our courses, you will receive a training certificate provided by a licensed pharmacist or registered nurse. Call us now at 321-747-6833 for more information today.